Passion for Healing
We want to make getting physical therapy easier than getting a haircut.
Our Vision
Our vision is to automate physical therapy diagnosis and treatment. It's time to serve the 90% who need physical therapy but don't get it.
Jon Duplessis, Chief Therapist
Jon Duplessis, Chief Therapist
  • Certified Clinical Instructor, American Physical Therapy Association
  • Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment Certification, McKenzie Institute International
  • USA Wrestling National Governing Body Medical Coverage
  • US Olympic Planning Committee, USA Wrestling National Governing Body
  • US Olympic Planning Committee, Physical Therapy Fellowship Program Lecturer/Contributor
We are all athletes – only our level of competition differs.
Company Headquarters
Mojo SportClinic, LLC

6859 Monument Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28405

Great Place... found through my doctor
Will Knecht - 5-stars "Great place...found through my doctor. Love the focus on treating to heal and recover quickly. HIGHLY recommend Mojo SportsClinic!"
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Relief and recovery from neck pain
Jolene Unland - 5-stars "I highly recommend Mojo SportClinic for relief and recovery from neck pain from years of computing and suboptimal posture. The therapists are very experienced - their confidence put me at ease."
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Customer Reviews
All aspects of diagnosis and therapy
Dr. Greg Viehman - 5-stars "Chief Therapist Jon Duplessis is one of the best physical therapists anywhere. He has an excellent operation and is very, very bright with all aspects of diagnosis and therapy. My back was severely injured and he was the ONLY one who knew what to do."
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Customer Reviews
Two years of doctors about my knee
GP Racer - 5-stars "After two years of going to doctors about my knee, 10 minutes with Jon and not only did he know what the problem was, not my knee, but within in a few days it was 90% fixed. With a little strength training it will soon be back to normal."
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Figured out the root cause in minutes
Jamie Witmer - 5-stars "Very helpful and great physical therapy. Was dealing with a knee issue that my athletic orthopedic at school couldn’t figure out. Jon was able to figure out the root cause in minutes. Highly recommend!"
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