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Using mojo chat is easy and fast. Just select which body area hurts, and then answer a series of yes or no questions. You also get to record a short video and tell us about it in your own words.

Just $35 per case


For the low price of $35 you get a chat, a diagnosis and at lease one treatment plan. Most treatment plans last 14 days, and mojo chat guides you through home-based treatment with daily reminders at the time of your choosing.

No scheduling


There are no appointments, and no scheduling. You can start a new case using mojo chat at any time and on any day of the week - it's always open. Mojo chat does not require you to meet with a Physical Therapist in real time. You don't need to show yourself on a camera or talk on the phone.

USA Licensed


When you use mojo chat, you get access to decades of learning and experience gained by Physical Therapists licensed in the USA. Diagnosis and treatment plans are entirely created and customized for you by our licensed Physical Therapists.

Fast Diagnosis


Our Physical Therapy staff is ready for your case. The back end of mojo chat makes it easy for them to see your test answers, view your personal video, and see the results of scoring algorithms. The end result is that you get an accurate diagnosis in record time, usually within a few hours.

Self-Treat at Home


Most treatment plans are 14-day regimens of exercises, self-care, icing and rest levels. These things can be done in the privacy and convenience of your own home, using techniques and equipment that is most likely right there already. Because treatment plans include daily care, you can wind up with a speedy recovery that is extremely cost effective.

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